Clear Plastic Box - 20/10/5 cm- 3 pack

Clear Plastic Box - 20/10/5 cm- 3 pack

SKU: 1856841552388

in this perfect Mishloach Manos box you can fit a variety of things to create it to match your theme. 

People asked us different questions about the size of this box, so to answer some... it can not fit a can of soda nicely. It could fit it but it wont close nicely, but if you're having a tight ribbon going around that will keep the box closed then yes, a can will fit. It is longer then this bag of chips you see inside here, as you see the taffies are under the chips bag, the bag is not touching the bottom. However it is about as wide and thick as a chips bag, as you see in the photo. Please feel free to ask us any other questions! 


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